Tuesday, December 14, 2004

State of the Dumpster Bust: One Month In

Yes, m’dears, Dumpster Bust: The Blog has been at it for a month now, and things are going amazing well. Site traffic is starting to uptick (though not always reflected in the number of comments) due to some marketing flourishes by Your Humble Narrator and other Tales of Ribaldry I won’t bore you with. I feel as though what Dumpster Bust is about is getting more cohesive each day… though it might not be very apparent.

For anyone who doesn’t know: Dumpster Bust began as an e-zine in the summer of 2003. It was distributed via e-mail to anyone who cared to subscribe, mostly to friends and to friends of friends. It was great fun, but quite a lot of work. Now that we’re in blog-land, I’m finding it a great means for me to talk about what’s on my mind and reach people all over the globe. Although it’s ostensibly a blog, it’s really more like an online magazine, driven by topical stories, news, and ideas.

Dumpster Bust is about what’s on my mind, and I’m getting more in tune with that, which is making Dumpster Bust a better place to be.

Let me explain:

I’m interested in five or six major subject areas:

- Politics
- Movies
- Music
- Books
- Media
- Internet
- Sports, Strange forays into Literary Non-fiction, Serialized Short Stories, Things I Notice, and Probably Lots of Other Stuff

I go in cycles: I’ll get nearly obsessive with one or two areas for several days at a time, and nearly forget about the others. Then the wheel will turn, and I’ll be onto the next. Therefore, Dumpster Bust will be about one or two topics for a few days, but as the wheel turns, so will DB.

I was intensely interested in politics for most of the year leading up to the last election, but I’m somewhat burned out on the topic at present (especially because Kerry lost). Therefore, my political jaunts are quite forward looking as it’s been difficult to look at the present. Also therefore, I’ve been much more interested in music, movies, and books of late, which probably signals my escapist streak. Also, as I’ve been finishing graduate school and searching for work, watching the first season of Arrested Development on DVD can definitely do the real-life-be-gone trick.

Anyway, for any newcomers that have made it this far, here’s a look back at the highlight reel from our first month:

Politics: Keeping It Real Politik: Banging the Gong for Dean for DNC

Movies: DB Weekend Movie Fest: Top Campus Comedies of All Time

Music: DB Up in Your Ear: Top Punk Bands List

Books: Exclusive Interview with Tom Wolfe

Internet: Blah’ged Out: Sucka MC Bloggaz

Fiction: Terrence the One-Armed Sorcerer

Sports: Football Fundamentalism

Strange Literary Non-fiction: Notes from the Perimeter:

DB Note: All are invited and encouraged to join the DB House Party. Please make your voices and opinions heard. By clicking on the Comment link underneath each post, you add your feedback to the website. If you’re not registered with Blogger, you can post anonymously. All I ask is that you sign off your thoughts with a name or handle.

Here’s to Month #2 and more Dumpster Busting to come.

Let’s go!


The Sore Loser said...

Way to go DB - you popped your cherry! I see a bright future for Dumpster Bust.

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks very much.

I learned the two most important lessons in life, too:

#1 - Keep your mouth shut, and

#2 - Don't take not shit from nobody


Eric Berlin said...

Quick update on the State of Dumpster BustI've managed to wrangle my way into the good graces of some people who will send me free stuff to review. So look for more reviews in the coming months...

That is all.

Angela Chen Shui said...

It was great reading through your posts, Eric! Have fun during the New Year & I'll keep checking back in!

Eric Berlin said...

Angela ~

Thanks very much. Be assured there is much Dumpster Busting to come!