Sunday, December 26, 2004

Keeping It Real Politik: The Not-So-Boring Harry Reid & Howard Dean for DNC has a slightly tongue-in-cheek refutation of Nevada Sen. Harry Reid’s reputation as being boring, colorless, or, even worse, lacking former Democratic Minority Leader Tom Daschle’s “flair.” (Link:

Interesting tid-bits include reference to Reid as inspiration for an in-the-pocket Gaming Commission member in Martin Scorsese’s Casino.

All of that’s well and good. On a recent Meet the Press appearance, I thought that Harry Reid came across as tough, intelligent, and crafty: all the qualities that have made him a skillful Senate negotiator and deal-maker.

I mention all of this because Dumpster Bust has been tough on Reid in the past. However, this does not make Harry Reid, the new Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate, the best person to be the face of the Democratic Party for the next several years.

Dumpster Bust and are still banking on something of a long-shot: new direction, new leadership, for Democratic National Chairperson: Howard Dean.

Dean is the right person to lead the party heading toward the 2006 mid-term elections. He will continue to excite the party, bring in new members, and create a well-articulated vision for where the party should go in opposition to an across-the-board conservative majority. Victories in 2006 will set the stage for an energized Democratic base for 2008 after two devastating presidential results in a row.

And perhaps the best news of all? Dean as DNC will prevent him from running for President in ’08. This will open the way for John Kerry or Hillary Rodham Clinton or Mark Warner of Virginia.

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