Thursday, December 02, 2004

Blah'ged Out: Sucka MC Bloggaz

Now, let me say up front that I don't want the mighty mighty DB to be about the blogging world, which is a little too much like a movie about making a movie... like the god-awful Bowfinger, for my taste. But blogging stuff has been on my mind of late as I oversee this fragile (yet Stout as All Get-Out) bird take flight, so I have to get something off my chest.

It's a tale of two e-cities. In one, I posted to a nifty blog I found recently, devoted to all things Science Fiction. In fact, it's called SciFi Daily. There was an interesting discussion of the latest Harry Potter film, which the site's authors felt was below the first two in terms of storytelling and in a few other respects. I strongly differed, and explained why. In any event, one of the gentleman responsible for the blog e-mailed me, thanking me for my interest and opinions, and invited me back to the blog to read the ensuing discussion that had taken place.

This was in stark contrast to an episode that had taken place several hours before. I stumbled across (weird beep as heard when the heroine's name is mentioned in Kill Bill) which had an interesting discussion of The White Stripes going. I hopped in, adding my thoughts, and was shortly thereafter informed by two, well, sucka MC bloggaz, that my taste in music was poor and that I should have more laboriously studied the blog's archives so that I might better craft an original opinion (read: I was accused of "summarizing" an earlier post... which, my DB children, was not the case). In conclusion, it wasn't cool -- it reminded me of an old episode of The West Wing, where Josh Lyman (who I will always love, if for no other reason, was a supporting character in Billy Madison, a vastly underrated film in Adam Sandler's uneven career) gets briefly enchanted with a website -- -- devoted to himself. He responds to the site earnestly, only to bitterly rue his foray into Web land as his former adoring fans descend upon his innocence and nobility with sharpened claws and depraved spirit... well maybe not so much, but you get the idea.

So, we see that in blogger land, as in non-virtual life, some people are classy folk while a disturbing proportion are... not as classy, and even, when you get right down to the deep black heart of it, (weird beep as heard when the heroine's name is mentioned in Kill Bill).

We keep it clean here in the Dumpster Bust. And, we keep it funky, too.


Anonymous said...

Bowfinger is a great movie - whenever it is raining heavily, I think to myself, "That is some chubby rain"

Eric Berlin said...

Well, to be fair, I saw Bowfinger on a cross-country flight with a screaming toddler near me and poor sound quality. I was therefore not in the best mood to be humored or entertained. Perhaps a second viewing would change my opinion.

Thanks very much for posting -- please feel free to sign off on your comments!


girlfiend said...

Bloggers are inherently narcissistic which is why they insist you read all of their archives before daring to offer an opinion.

Thanks for your comments over at my narcissistic blog. Your classy comments are much appreciated.

Eric Berlin said...

Ah, but it takes a clever narcissist to draw someone to their blog and elicit a compliment!

Thanks very much for your thoughts -- and I will hereby turn around and invite all the DB hordes out there (ha ha) to visit which, in all seriousness, is a seriously good time.