Monday, December 13, 2004

DB Up in Your Ear: Things We Said Today

Driving home from work about three years ago, I heard a song on the radio. It was obviously by The Beatles: it had that great, early, jangly sound, but with somewhat melancholy melody and harmonies that echoed long after the song ended. Unfortunately, I missed the name of the song, and ever since I’d think longingly about it every now and again.

Cut to now: I’ve, let us say, “gotten my hands” on a whole bunch of Beatles albums. (And by “hands” I mean “computer” and by “computer” I mean “download,” but I’m going to “leave it that” “if you know what I mean” “”).

I’m walking down to Old Town, Pasadena (yes, friends, there are places in California where you can walk to things, and by golly, it’s glorious) listening to a several-thousand song shuffle on my iPod, when wham! There it was. I found it, damn it!

“Things We Said Today,” from A Hard Day’s Night:

It’s a marvelous blend of the optimistic and downbeat, shuffling from one to the other with breathless ease. In that sense, it’s very reminiscent of “Things Have Changed,” by Bob Dylan, another song I can listen in increments of ten and still not be satiated.

It was good times, wandering under the warm December sun with a song like that in my years, a good walk.

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