Thursday, December 09, 2004

DB Up in Your Ear: How to Start A Ska-Punk Band has a "how to" on starting a ska-punk band.

Here are a few highlights from the checklist they present:

1. Buy a cheap guitar.
2. Buy four thousand dollars worth of effects.
3. Borrow the largest speaker stack you can find.
4. Stick an obligatory checker-board sticker on your guitar.
5. Take one or two guitar lessons.

The article is rather insulting to one of my favorite sub-genres of music (it goes on to advice that it helps to have a love for songs about beer). First off, what ska-punk out there uses thousands of dollars worth of effects? The checker-board sticker advisory is kind of funny, but otherwise I'm between somewhat and very put off.

I found the article whilst cruising around the Net looking for blogs that focused on ska-punk. Besides a few blurbs/rants here and there, I didn't really find anything, which was surprising. If I had the time, I'd love to devote an entire to site to bands such as the following, which in some way fall under the umbrella of ska-punk... he said with a tone of reverence:

- Aquabats
- Bouncing Souls
- Buck-O-Nine
- Dance Hall Crashers
- Fishbone
- Less Than Jake
- Mephiskapheles
- The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones
- Murphy's Law
- Operation Ivy
- Rancid
- Reel Big Fish
- Sublime
- Suicide Machines
- Voodoo Glow Skulls

There are some truly outstanding bands on that there above list, and I defy anyone to tell me different (in fact, I invite it: see below for more details...).

I apologize for the trend toward lists the last few days, but it's kind of an end-of-the year compulsion, isn't it? I'm actually gearing up an album-of-the-year post, so everyone has that to look forward to as well.

As the one year mark of Dumpster Bust: The Blog approaches in a few days, I'll get into where things are going, with a focus upon the often strange shifts in subject matter you see (and will likely see more of on DB: Dean and the Democratic National Committee for a few days, strange literary non-fiction rants, forays into music and television criticism, etc.

As always, I/we like to hear from everyone out there, so:

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