Monday, December 06, 2004

Keeping It Real Politik: Quick Hits

This just in:

According to the Washington Post, Kerry lost in Ohio and, in effect, the election not because of increased turnout among religious conservatives, or the rural vote, or suppressing the vote in cities and heavily Democratic areas. In fact, Kerry held his own or did better than Gore in these departments.

It all came down to one thing: fear. Bush got 'em good and scared about security concerns, and now we get Bush the Son the Sequel.

* Even though Bush stalled on a Department of Homeland Security.
* Even though Bush refused to appoint a 9-11 Commission until the families of Ground Zero embarrassed him into it.
* Even though funding for protecting harbors and other infrastructure is woefully inadequate.
* Even though a Republican majority, soon to be widened, is just now getting an intelligence bill together (if today's reported compromise holds, that is) over three years after 9/11/01.

So, not just fear then. Playing on fears and hoping that people didn't look a whole lot at some of the facts. Mix with Kerry not making a great case for himself, and voila! Here we be.

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