Thursday, June 02, 2005

Notes From the Perimeter -- June 2005

It's late and I'm tired and my mind is a jumble and a tumble of scattered thoughts and ideas that I can't get together to spit out and get straight and square and organized. I wish I had a better excuse like I'm Drunk or I Just Finished the Ironman Triathlon or Something but unfortunately it's more on the regular workaday life woes tip.

When I start thinking and formulating with regard to one idea I realize that I better Organize and get straight to work on Priority A because otherwise I'll be late in getting B - K finished in proper sequence and so on.

I exaggerate. I underestimate.

And I hate feeling tired and cranky and lazy and knowing that I have to get up in short order to get that train a thumping once more.

In any event, I'll likely be talking Big Picture talk about media on the next edition of Dumpster Bust Radio (Podcast #9, let the Revolution begin in earnest...). Lots of media thoughts the last few days.

I also have a new editorial coming out in the Bellflower-Downey Post talking about the recent deal on filibusters in the Senate. So that will get published here in a few days.

/ rant
\ sleep mode

DB PS Note: Dumpster Bust online is over six months old! There is much reason to rejoice...


jeff said...

db/eb -- 6 months -- wow...congrats. now take a quick break to get the cobwebs out. awaiting the media installment

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks Jeff. If by media installment you mean the old Dumpster Bust Radio podcast, I hope to have show #9 up in a few days...

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