Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Being Really Busy

I don’t mean to neglect the DB – I really don’t. But events are conspiring the last few days to keep me away, I’m afraid to say.

There’s some really cool things afoot and asunder, however, so I’ll just give a quick update of a round-up style-like. I’m trying to (mercifully) get The Novel (Ball Out) finished up. It’s in revisions right now, and I was curled up with it at the local Starbuck’s until 11:30 or so last night. I’m also seriously looking into working on a screenplay with an LA writer and friend, which to be honest is exciting me to distraction.


9 – 11:30 pm
Ball Out
revisions at Starbuck’s

11:30 – 2:30 am

Reading scripts online – particularly Kevin Smith’s fabulous Chasing Amy

Dumpster Bust Radio #10 is slated to get kicked out sometime this week. Of course, it’s late and behind schedule, as has been the norm of late, but what’re you gonna do? But look for the second part of my interview with Blogcritics.org’s Eric Olsen and some other fun stuff.

Speaking of fun and interviews: I’ll be interviewing Rob Aston of the punk supergroup Transplants on the morrow! I’m an ultra-huge Rancid fan (Tim Armstrong is an uber-force behind both bands) and really dig Transplants as well, so I’m really looking forward to that one.

That’s it for now – I hope to get back to doing cultural and political mind-splorations very soon…


Duke De Mondo said...

looking forward to that transplants interview, Sir Berlin! i been hearin their gangsters and thugs single a lot recently, and actually assumed it to be some new Rancid record where they've incorporated a dance vibe of some sort. interesting that Armstrong is involved..

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks Duke.

Did the interview this morning -- ended up being with Rob Aston, which makes sense considering how busy the other dudes are. Ended up being a really good chat with a 15-20 minute phoner with a rock dude. Aston is one badass looking guy -- what we used to call House of Pain white back in the day.

I recommend checking out both of the Transplants' records. The new one is very good and growing on me, particularly the track "Doomsday," which is laid back, futuristic, jazz-punkabilly type number.

Look for the Transplants interview circa Dumpster Bust Radio #11.