Monday, June 27, 2005

CD Review - Vetiver's Between EP

Greg Smyth, our UK-based music reviewer, is back on the DB scene with his latest. While always welcome, I'm particularly thankful as I've been making a Push to do some revisions on The Novel (if you're wondering, those things take a hellish long time to get scribbled out!).

You can always find more from Greg at Swing Batter Batter!



The phrase folk supergroup isn't one that's bandied around too often but it's the first sign that Vetiver, who number Andy Cabic and Devendra Barnhart among its members, might be something special. The second hint is that this five track EP, consisting of a handful of Cabic's bedroom demos and some live tracks, is one of the most fantastic works of slow burn to hit your jaded correspondent's desk these last few months.

Busted (Breakdown Version) is possibly the most pitch perfect tribute to Gram Parsons you're ever likely to hear, while Been So Long is both hypnotic in its simplicity and emotionally heart-rending. The real gem, however, is found in Maureen's gentle shuffle, with Cabic's plaintive warble capable of inducing shivers of bittersweet maudlin in even the hardest listener. Regardless of whether the supergroup tag catches on, one thing is certain: you'll be hearing a lot more of Vetiver. You lucky bastards.

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