Thursday, June 30, 2005

In a Blogging State of Mind? Not So Much

Since DB hit the online airwaves in November of 2004, I've been a happy little blogging machine. Okay, maybe not a machine, but a human acting as though I were a blissful machine.

Or something.

In any event, in the last week or so, the desire to pontificate on the war in Iraq and pimp (our sister station, or sistah station if you like) and rap rhapsodic about The White Stripes (the new album is heavenly, by the way) and Beck (ditto) and Transplants (pretty good, not great) has waned.

Maybe it's the summer. Maybe it's the fact that I've logged nearly 900 miles this week on the highways and byways of white-out smog highway death knell fortress of automobile prison-glory Southern California.

Maybe it's because I'm finally finishing up my first novel... Ball Out, which I'm pretty damned well amped about.

Or maybe it's because I'm thinking Big Thoughts about pounding out a screenplay based upon some of the ideas and stories that I've rattled about my brain over the last 18 months or so.

Will I get Back in Gear at some point?

Does anyone care?


Probably and who knows?


midnitcafe said...

We care! We care!

So when do we get a dumpsterbust preview of the new novel?

-mat brewster

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks Midnight / Mat.

I've dropped little hints of what the novel is about from time to time. It's a comic thriller that centers around a collegiate rugby squad. I draw on a lot of my own experiences and stories for the setting and characters (particularly the whacko ones).

PCU meets Robert B. Parker? That might not be a half-bad way to describe it.

rosa said...

Congratulations, let us know when we can get a preview of the novel.

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks very much, Rosa.

I give a slight glimpse as to what the novel's about in my previous comment.

It was an enormous amount of fun to go back in time, so to speak, to my college experiences. This inspiration really fueled the story to completion.

I should add that this is about my fourth attempt at a novel. With each go, I got a little further along. It went something like:

- 5,000 words
- 10,000
- 45,000
- 80,000 (Ball Out)

So it goes without saying that each attempt provides an enormous education! And when I get going on Novel #2 (which won't be for a while, I must admit) this experience will be invaluable.

Lucas Brachish said...

Big congrats on finishing the novel... Now comes the painful process of trying to sell it, eh? You'll have to tell us more about your screenplay plans when you find the time....

Eric Berlin said...

Not quite done with it, Lucas, but I'm getting pretty close. Thanks very much for the thoughts!

I'm really excited by the prospects of writing a screenplay. At the moment, I think that everything I've done up until now has prepared me for this next Great Project. I also think that this form of writing may well best suit me -- I'll get into it more soon.

Greg Smyth said...

Good luck with the rewrites... and, hell yes we care.

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks Greg and will do!