Monday, June 20, 2005

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #9

Welcome to another edition of Dumpster Bust Radio. DB Radio is a podcast that combines Big Picture talk about the issues of the day (everything from politics to movies to what I did over the weekend) with indie music by some of the best unsigned artists on the scene and interviews with musicians and innovators.

This week is no different as I present Part I of an interview with blogosphere innovator and founder Eric Olsen. Since this is a BlogCritics-centric episode, I also provide a gem of an unplugged track from our very own Duke de Mondo (AKA Aaron McMullan). Finally, I give some background on the mystery surrounding the origins of the NT3 (The Nick Trampani Trio).

So, this week on DB Radio:

* Interview with Eric Olsen of – Part I

* Featured songs by The Duke and Matthew Long (another DB Radio favorite)

* Story Time: The Nick Trampani Trio

How can you beat that?

But first, you can access Dumpster Bust Radio by clicking here. A left-click on your mouse will allow you to listen right now on your computer. A right-click will allow you to save it for later or for easy transport to an mp3 recorder. I recommend listening in the car, which is the geek-cool activity of 2005, according to Dumpster Bust Magazine.

Track Listing for Dumpster Bust Radio #3

Dumpster Bust Radio kicks it with podsafe music playing in the background to complement the Featured Songs, which is when you get a break from my tortured vocal yodeling to enjoy some of the best independent and emerging artists on the Planet.

Track #1 (Show Intro) “Black Star” – Apash
#2 “Achtung (…hier kommt der Schlocker)” – Schlockmaster
#3 “So was willst du?” – Schlockmaster
#4 (Featured Song)“I Do Believe You Are the Devil”— Aaron McMullan
#5 (Featured Song)“So Blue” – Matthew Long
#6 (Show Outro) “Blue Bird Tattoo” – Circe Link

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midnitcafe said...

You deserve an award for getting a word in edgewise with Olsen. My gawd that man can talk!

Great stuff, sir Berlin.

You've got to stop gushing about the Duke, people are gonna start to talk! :)

-mat brewster

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks Mat.

As I've said elsewhere, The Duke -- to paraphrase Jay & Silent Bob -- is may well be my hetero-life mate from across the sea.