Thursday, March 24, 2005

It’s a Great Time to Dumpster Bust

There's lots of super cool things going on these days underfoot at the Bust. First off, as you may have noticed, I’ve interviewed two people who turned out to be great and funny and interesting and forthcoming: best-selling mystery author Robert B. Parker and Michael Goeghegan, host of podcasting super-show Reel Reviews. I also interviewed Tom Arnold (not the super caffeinated ex-husband of Roseanne), CEO (and still a grad student!) of an important and compelling environmental company called TerraPass.

On a much lighter note, I instituted a new column on television called The Week That Was. Here’s a link to the first one, and look for a new edition every Friday or so. Also in TV-land, I got a hold of the first few episodes of the new American version of The Office (it premieres tonight, so if you're on the West Coast, I think it's on in about 15 minutes or so).

I’ve also been hired on as a columnist for the Bellflower-Downey Post, a local community paper in Los Angeles. My first op-ed piece looks at Social Security in hopefully a fun and interesting way. It will publish in early April, at which time I’ll be contractually free to publish it here. More Bust for the masses!

And finally… there’s even bigger news in the works:

Dumpster Bust Radio is Coming
If all works according to Plan, the first Dumpster Bust Radio podcast will be recorded over the weekend. If you’re not a techie, no worries: if your computer has any kind of pep to it, a click and a quick download should have you listening and enjoying the joyful sounds of Dumpster Busting from the comfort of your home or car or luxury yacht (up to you, really).

The idea is basically to chat about a lot of the issues and stories and things going on right here in a fun and entertaining and more relaxed fashion. I’ll also be able to talk about and plug some of the things going on at our sister station,

Please: Chime In Early and Often
I know it’s scary to pipe in and add your thoughts sometimes, but Dumpster Bust is about getting other people involved. You’re more than encouraged to check in with your comments and thoughts and stories. And if you want to disagree with me, that’s cool too: maybe we’ll all learn something.

Dumpster Bust is getting pretty decent traffic for a little-weblog-that-could, and it actually spiked like crazy (and is still up remarkably) since I published the Robert B. Parker interview.

Thanks very much to all of you who have become regular readers: I really appreciate it, and work my tail off to provide the best possible Busting. And to all you new people Out There: Welcome. Plenty more Dumpster Busting to come.

Feel free to drop me a line some time at Try to put “Dumpster Bust” in the Subject Line so that I don’t erase you along with the Club for Hair Growth spam and so forth.

Eric Berlin

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