Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #1

Well, I finally did it. I delved into the podcasting / Internet radio game and proudly present to you the debut of Dumpster Bust Radio:

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #1

Keep in mind that this is my first foray into broadcasting, so the show will undoubtedly get better. In fact, I rank my efforts as follows in getting everything up and running:

Technical / Back-end / Server stuff / Making the sound not sound like urchins screeching for their very lives underwater whilst wearing tin foil helmets: 90%
Content: 6%
Post-production: 4%

So hopefully with your kind suggestions (or not-so-kind and hideous and baldly awful – either way I’ll be pleased pink to hear from you) it will get better. New e-mail address:

Oh, and I know full well (now) that the file size is far too large for a show of this size and length, and that’s something that will be addressed on future shows.

Track Listing for Dumpster Bust Radio #1

For each show, I’ll have open-source music playing in the background, so that you won’t be solely subjected to my scratchy, tortured meanderings and cries into the e-void. This is a great way, too, to promote some of the outstanding but relatively unknown musicians that are Out There.

Track #1 (Show Intro): “Black Star” – Apash
#2 “Achtung (…hier kommt der Schlocker)” –Schlockmaster
#3 “So was willst du?” – Schlockmaster
#4 “Dub o Matic” – Futura Bold
#5 “Bass Melody with Guitar” – Michael Renkema
#6 “Event Horizon” – Michael Renkema
#7 “It’s Like Your Heart’s the Color Yellow” – Heroes That Hurt

DB Notes: There are a number of changes underway at the Bust, all of which I’m thrilled about.

* Very soon, perhaps within a few days, will be moving to Unfortunately, because this is a Blogger site, there won’t be an automatic redirect. However, there’ll be a link (hopefully in several days time) to the new site, where everything will look pretty much the same as right here. That said, I’m working on improving the site design, but that’s a little bit down the road at this point.

* I’m available now at a new e-mail address:

* Plans are underway to make the radio show accessible via RSS feed. As soon as I know something, I'll post about it straight-away quick like.

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