Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dumpster Bust Radio Update

I’ve been working my tail off for the last two days to get myself schooled up on all the technical aspects of audio engineering and production. I’m nowhere near an expert (read = white belt central) but I’m just about at the place where I can record and mix my speaking voice and some music that plays back as something other than someone screaming underwater while strangling a gurgling robot (I’m thinking Rosie from The Jetsons, but that’s just me).

So I plan on recording Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #1 tomorrow. From there, it will be another journey to get the file Out There and available for people to download and listen to. But I’ve come pretty far already, and feel that the goal – while certainly the end of the beginning if nothing else – is well in sight.

That said, I am certainly a novice with regard to all things radio related, so I expect to grow and improve over time. But I’m looking forward to the adventure, and I hope that some of you will stop by and take a look at the trek every now and again.

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