Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Captain Insanikins & His Rag-Time Psycho Paths

Things are a bit crazy right now.

I'm getting used to a new job/schedule: traveled to two campus sites out near Palm Springs (yes, the Palm Springs of the Bob Hope Desert Classic fame and Doctor Doctor Glad I'm Not Sick, etc. etc.) and am heading out before six in the morn (remember when people used to party until six in the morn... it's vague, but I recall the concept) for Irvine and San Diego on the 'morrow.

I'm writing as much as I can, which hasn't been a whole lot this week. I'm near the end of the climactic scene of my climactic first novel, and I must be honest: I can't wait until the blankin' thing is done and out-of-my-hands. In any event, I look forward to being a novelist, even if it means I'm a god-awful, unpublished, pariah of said.

DB Note: May have major interview lined up with major author. This is big news round about these parts. Will check in when things firmed up (yes, which includes my brain).

DB Note II: Will hope to be back on a more regular publishing schedule by next week. Look out for reviews of an REM re-release, William Gibson's latest (road time = reading time... sometimes), a Dale Carnegie cliz-astic, a Presidential Futures Horserace update, and all the other bits and gobs and goodies that all of y'all have come to expect.

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