Thursday, January 20, 2005

State of Dumpster Bust: January 2005

Up until now, I've run Dumpster Bust as though it were a web-based magazine, or "webzine" if you will. It contains daily articles under the following columns:

DB Reviews: Reviews of books, music, films
DB Film Squad: Self-explanatory, that
DB Up in Your Ear: Music
DB on TV: Television
Media Shakedown: Thoughts on any and all media enterprises, including Internet, television, newspapers, etc.
Keeping it Real Politik: Political news, analysis, and opinion
Notes from the Perimeter: Strange rantings of creative non-fiction excess

Over the last few days, I've slid in some shorter, more reflective/personal pieces (Poem of the Week, Awesome Advice, Blockbuster v. Netflix). There are a few reasons for this.

As I enter the job world from the lazy grad school world, my time grows shorter. Writing those columned pieces take a good amount of time to crank out, so I find myself battling the clock some days to get a fresh piece up. I'm also spending an increasing amount of time on, a great group blog that houses the thoughts of 500+ authors on many of the subject-areas I mention above (I'm now the Books Editor over there, by the way, so come check us out!). As I comment on stories and news events at Blog Critics, I'm often triggered to write something that seems to deserve a higher profile than Comment 49 of 138. Therefore, I'm starting to "promote" some of these thoughts to Dumpster Bust.

So over the coming months, you'll begin to see some kind of combination of columns and (hopefully) interesting tid-bits about life-and-times emerge. Sound good?

Dumpster Bust, above all things, is meant to be a happy stew of diverse topics and interests, a domain of rambunctious thought, as it says above. It's also about whatever I'm feeling on a particular day, which may appeal to the great groaning public on some days, and others not so much, I'm sure.

Anyway, if anyone has thoughts or feelings about the evolving face of DB, you know where to reach me (and if you don't, click on the Comment link below and Comment away, please).

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