Thursday, January 20, 2005

Awesome Advice

If you spend your life trying to control other people's perceptions of you, you will not only not succeed, but you will go crazy in the attempt. Better to do what you've determined is right, and let people think what they will anyway.

I read this bit of advice deep down a conversation thread over on Blog Critics (a great site devoted to many of the same subjects covered here) .

I find it to be a profound and potentially life-altering statement.


Al said...

This is just the continuing argument I've been offering up when left wingers inevitably carry on endlessly about world opinion being against the US, particularly regarding Iraq.

Eric Berlin said...

Having a position and not caring what others feel about it doesn't necessarily make it right or good or wise.

The Sore Loser said...

I think Al's got you on this one. According to your adage, you can either do what you think is right or do what you think will be popular. You shouldn't do the latter because you won't succeed, so you might as well do the former. Phrasing it this way makes the advice seem silly. And it would definitely justify Bush's approach to foreign policy. Better git yo'self a new line.

Eric Berlin said...

Yes and no. Certainly this advice could be used to bolster Bush's "resolution," arguably one of his strongest qualities.

However, it's not meant as an umbrella ideology or vision of foreign policy. I take it more in the vein of personal conduct.

Overall, I see the advice as politically neutral.