Sunday, November 21, 2004

Welcome Y'All (Once Again) to Dumpster Bust

It's Week Two -- and you know what that means (DB Note: Anyone who knows, hit me up at

Things have been getting a little bit silly over hear in DB land the last couple of days, but it's Sunday night now and time to get Serious (as opposed to Sirius, which I should be waxing manic about in fairly short order). For those of you who have not yet caught onto the Dumpster Bust mojo (which everyone out there is currently getting down with, muchos props to the DB fan-base), we talk about a little bit of everything around these parts, with a focus on politics, media, television, film, music, books, ideas, strange rantings (see Notes from the Perimeter below, a Strange Voyage that may well appear every Friday, exclusively on DB), and the occasional serialized short story. Bring your own ideas and comments, please, for DB is thirsty for rambunctious thoughts.

Now, onto the show.

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The Sore Loser said...

Oh I have been infected by the DB mojo, my friend. And the virus runs deep. So deep, it put my ass on my own blog. I'll be dishing out all things political over at Come on over and have a gander.