Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Blah'ged Out No More

As a news enthusiast (I'm not a junkie -- I can stop anytime... really), I've become pretty adept at scanning the Internet and generally finding out what's going on when something's going on. Over the past year, I've heard the term "blogosphere" thrown around as though "it" were a person, as in The Blogosphere had an effect on the election.

However, after a couple of weeks of diving into the world of blogging, I feel like Neo in The Matrix when he realized just far down that rabbit hole the red pill had taken him. There's just an amazing array of Stuff out there: from the great and awe inspiring to the amazingly and jaw droppingly crappy.

Here's several fun sites to spin through if you want to get to get your blogger jones satisfied:

Technorati - A good blog search engine that shows how many websites link to each blog.

The Truth Laid Bear - A fun site that mixes news with rankings of the blogosphere "environment" where Daily Kos and The Washington Monthly are termed Higher Beings and little old Dumpster Bust is termed an Insignificant Microbe... the nerve!

Blogger - Find your way to any website powered by Blogger (such as Dumpster Bust) and click around to random websites by way of the "Next Blog" link in the upper-right corner. This is a great way to browse what's out there, though be warned: you'll eventually end up in some strange or potentially offensive neighborhoods.

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Eric Berlin said...


According to The Truth Laid Bear, Dumpster Bust is sky-rocketing up the blog-charts. DB is no longer an Insignificant Microbe...

DB is NOT a... Multicellular Organism!

DB is... a... Wiggly Worm!

Here we come, higher life forms!