Sunday, November 14, 2004

A little bizness, and a little more about me

I should mention that Dumpster Bust was thrown off track for a time by a two-headed maelstrom (can a maelstrom throw a train or some kind of tracked mode of transport off-track... and can a maelstrom, in theory, have two heads? Well hell, at DB a maelstrom CAN have two heads, and a maelstrom can dream) of graduate studies and the production of my first novel (working title: Possible Ends).

Now that I'm nearing graduation (next month, thank the Lords) I am back to work on several levels of my Evil Master Plan.

As for Dumpster Bust: my main interests are politics, music, movies, and books, with a good healthy sprinkling of sports, media, and technology for good measure. So a lot of what you'll see here at DB: The Blog will revolve around those topics. However, if you've got something to say, I invite you to, in the words of our almost leader, John Kerry (sniff...): Bring It On.

As for our almost leader, our almost President, John Kerry: I have to state, up front and at the outset, that the re-election of Dubya Dubya II (The Sequel!) knocked me on my ass. Getting back to life, getting back to good things like The Novel and DB and taking the dog (Chelsea, she of Stout Heart and the Will to Misbehave) to the park and so forth are what we're all going to need to make it through the -- let's say it together -- the next 50 months.

Parcheesi, anyone?


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Ben said...

hn Kerry was a traitor to the country. Thank the good lord in heaven he did not get elected. Have a nice day!