Sunday, November 14, 2004

Welcome to Dumpster Bust

Hey y'all,

For any and all of you who have made it this far, I offer my thanks and I bid you welcome. While Dumpster Bust is a new blog, it's a continuation of an idea (and a state of mind?) that's been around for about a year now. In its e-zine incarnation (an electronic magazine, that in DB's case was distributed via e-mail) Dumpster Bust was a place where ideas, opinions, travelogues, odd ball interviews, and strange short fiction coexisted.

What's the problem then, you ask? Well, it was a hell of a lot of work to get each issue out. As a one-man-band editor, staff, and publisher (with the kind help of several of you out there from time-to-time), it took a goodly block of time to write (or cajole/bribe others to contribute), edit, and publish.

I hope that Dumpster Bust: The Blog will still be a place for the strange concoction mentioned above. I certainly will be adding my thoughts, ideas, and opinions (often, I hope) and I invite everyone out there to be the same. Another reason why I started Dumpster Bust was to have a continuing conversation of sorts with old friends and newcomers alike, and I very much hope that will continue in Blog Land.

That being said, welcome once again, and let the games begin...

Eric Berlin