Friday, December 29, 2006

For those stalwart few...

For those stalwart few who still stop by every now and then…

I abandoned this space around six months ago or so to concentrate all of my energies on Blogcritics – mostly helping to run the joint but managed to write around two or three full-length pieces a week, on average. I love it, it's fun, it's great, as is my fantastical job producing web products in downtown LA these days.

However, I've had a growing desire to get back to a more casual style of writing, a place to jot my thoughts about what's going on in online media, TV, and politics mostly (the three general areas that I tend to keep up with, more or less) without the time and skull pressures necessary to produce formal, full length pieces.

That's all to say I haven't forgotten my dear old DB, the dear old Bust.

Oh, and I'll try to throw in some laughs every now and again. Let's kick things off with some classic comedy… and you can't get more classic than The Kids in the Hall's Eradicator!

Check it… "you can unmask me… it's your right."

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