Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I’m Still Around… Just Not Around Here

Hey y’all,

For any of you still dropping by every now and again, you can find me at, an online media source I stumbled across just a month after starting DB. I got more and more involved and became Exec Producer late last summer or so.

So… I’m still writing, publishing over there, doing my thing. Here’s my profile page:

And here’s the .xml address for all you RSS folk:

And here’s some stuff I’ve written of late:

YouTube Does Deal With NBC, e-Street Cred Increased All Around

Netscape, AOL Look to Crush the Web 2.0 Out of Digg, Reddit

TV Review: Last Comic Standing Opts For Characters Over Comedy

U.S. Accused of "Habitually" Attacking Iraqi Civilians

Al Gore and MySpace: Ahead of the Curve Once Again

So, hope to see all of you over at ( I'm a little bit sad to give up Dumpster Bust, but the reality is that there's just too much to do, all of it super exciting and mostly uber-fun. I don't have a great place to write "bloggy" things (scattered thoughts, links, snippets as compared to full length and fully realized pieces) -- maybe I'll use for that at some point, who knows?

All in all, life is treating me very well: Blogcritics, producing web content for a great company in LA by day, getting to be a part of the hyperkinetic world informational revolutionary teardown, and so on.

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