Saturday, December 30, 2006

From DSL Blues to WoW

Sometime when I have the proper angst and energy, I'll have to get into how much trouble I've had with my Internet connectivity at home over the last few months. Suffice to say for now that our cable broadband era ended a few weeks ago (after a Herculean struggle against the lords of the interwebs tubes) when we switched over to DSL. Was on the phone again today with the DSL folk trying to get ever evolving modem issues worked out.

I'm back online, for the moment at least. Which means I can do something I've been planning for a while now: check out a trial edition of World of Warcraft (or WoW) over the new year's break. Many of the people I work with are gaming uberphreaks, so being beyond n00b in terms of the WoW is something that's been irking me for some time.

Plus, I've been too much with the blogs and not funning enough of late. I'm also obsessed with getting a Nintendo Wii, but that's a whole other affair.

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