Friday, August 12, 2005

The Sopranos Adds Eight Bonus Episodes to Season Six Production Schedule

For fans of The Sopranos, a show that may well be the best American drama to ever grace the small screen, this is truly a day celebrate.

Eight new “bonus episodes” will follow the twelve that were thought to comprise the end of The Soprano’s six season run. So in case anyone’s confused, there will be twelve new episodes beginning in March 2006 followed by eight more in January 2007.

According to the press release:

Saying he was "obviously delighted," HBO chairman Chris Albrecht announced on Thursday that the network will produce eight bonus episodes for The Sopranos' upcoming sixth season. The new episodes, which are slated to debut in January 2007, will follow the previously announced 12 episodes, which begin in March 2006.

"When something is as remarkable as The Sopranos, our audience would like to see it continue as long as possible," Albrecht said. "So we're thrilled that David Chase felt that there are more stories to be told."

Brad Grey, executive producer of the series added that the show had "continued to grow and evolve" with every season. "We're all looking forward to spending more time with The Sopranos," he said.

How will Christopher react to the recent offing of his long-time fiancĂ©, Adrianna? Will Tony and Carmella’s recent reconciliation hold? Will Meadow and AJ get out before they “get pulled back in”?

My predictions: Another heroin binge followed by unwavering desire to become the Don-on-deck, yes (but with Tony finding yet another crazy girl “on the side,”) Meadow’s out, and AJ may end up looking to join Tony’s other family.

And who will be next from the crew to enter the witness protection program, or the quote-unquote witness protection program, the one in which you “go away” and never come back?

My predictions: Who knows? Likely many, and in the unexpected ways in which we’ve come to expect of David Chase and The Sopranos.

And finally:

Will the New Jersey and New York crews have a final and cataclysmic clash?

This is the one everyone is really looking forward to. I think the Johnny Sack v. Tony Soprano showdown will truly be one for the ages.

And what about Dr. Melfi? What will be her fate after years of trying to help ease the mental troubles of a (mostly) unrepentant criminal?

We now have eight more episodes to let it all play out.


The Sore Loser said...

Shit, it's been so long since season 5 ended that I can barely remember the plotlines. Something about a bear lurking in the woods, right?

Eric Berlin said...

Yeah, there were bears...

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