Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #10

Where have you gone, oh DB Radio? Fear not, we’re back to the front-like, right here – just click and enjoy:

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #10

It’s a little bit of a best of this go round, with songs blasting out by the likes of Stucky, Pacemaker Jane, and Blogcritics.org’s own Aaron McMullan. DB Radio #10 seemed like a good time to step back and smell the digital roses. It also may (sadly) be the last show for a while, which lends a maddening poignancy to the proceedings, I’m sure you’ll find.

Or not. But hopefully you’ll enjoy as there’s an entire hour of Blogcritics.org founder and general guru Eric Olsen talking about media, blogging, podcasting, and even Michael Jackson. It’s the second part of the interview: raw and uncut for your listening pleasure.

As I point out on the show, huge and grand thanks to everyone who has listened to the show, given feedback and encouragement (much more than I ever expected!), or who has taken a moment to pop off a comment of an e-mail. Delving headlong into podcasting – my first experience in broadcasting – has been a wonderful experience. I’m hopeful that DB Radio will be back in some form at some point, but right now I’m trying to hone in on my various and sundry writing and editing duties.

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