Friday, April 29, 2005

Dumpster Bust Semi-Major Sort of Announcement

Crazy week this week as I wrapped up a month straight on the road. I’ll be getting back to a regular publishing schedule very soon, however, bolstered by our all-star roster of guest columnists (The Sorest Loser, Duke de Mondo, and Greg Smyth).

I’ve also been doing some Big Picture thinking about some nitty-gritty DB-related retooling. I’ve enjoyed getting Dumpster Bust Radio (the podcast) off the ground and I enjoy writing Cathode Ray Fray, the Week in TV, but the time required to do both at present leaves me little time to hit on the multitude of topics that (I hope) makes what it is: a place to find a little bit of everything under the sun.

I’m going to keep doing both, but I’ll be cutting down the length of each podcast, which makes sense for a number of reasons and should result in a better podcast. I’ll also be cutting down on the overall length of Cathode Ray Fray – it’s been bourgeoning to upwards of 2,000 words each week, which is kind of a Titanic in online/blogging terms.

Anyway, just some Notes From the Perimeter for all of y’all. Thanks for all of the feedback and encouragement, and thanks most of all for reading.

Eric Berlin

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