Monday, April 04, 2005

DB Radio #2: Ash Interviewed, and Other Smash Things

I'll flesh this out in the morn (2:22 am here in my woods-of-the-neck) but I just wanted to present for your listening pleasure:

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #2

This show, check out:

- Feature Story: Interview with Tim Wheeler of Ash
- Featured Song: "Girl From Nova Skotia," by Phenomenal Fleeners
- Hooked on the Net: Overheard in New
- Cathode Ray Fray: The Week in TV
- Other assorted madness and indie music laying out in the background.

More later... enjoy now.

DB Update: Okay, now that I've gotten seven or so hours of shut-eye, I can properly illustrate the track list for DB Radio #2. As I mention on the show, DB Radio is now an official radio station for GarageBand, which means that now the show can help to promote from among thousands of up-and-coming artists and bands.

Just to update, too, on what DB Radio is all about: it's a magazine-style show that touches on what Dumpster Bust itself gets into: a little bit of everything, from politics to music, from television to culture. Miracles From Mind Trash. Add in interviews and lots of indie music, and that's a radio show!

Track Listing for Dumpster Bust Radio #2

"Black Star" - Apash (Show Intro)
Near the front of the show, I read an e-mail from a member of Apash, who writes the show from Italy, on the air... very entertaining stuff.

"Gone" - Rude King
"So was willst du?" - Schlockmaster
"Girl From Nova Skotia" - Phenomenal Fleeners (Featured Song)
From now on there will be a featured song, during which time I shut up and let the music roll. This song is a good one: spooky alternative rock meets "Rock Lobster," with horns!

"Don't They" - The Blue Method
"Sequencer Funk" - UNIT-E

Please let me know what you thought of the show. I'm working on getting each show better than the one before it.


DukeDeMondo said...

Downloading as we yack man. Looking forward to it.

Eric Berlin said...

Right on, Duke. I just hit the "Publish" button on updating the track listing and so forth as I saw your comment.

Please let us know what you thought!

Justin O'Neill said...

Kick ass show Eric!

You have a very natural "Radio" voice that makes this Podcast a joy to listen to.

Independant bands rock! Great music...

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks very much for checking out DB Radio, Justin.

I'm really excited about playing indie music. The more new bands I check out, the more excited I get by the opportunity to get the word out there... and the word is ROCK.

And natural radio voice? I always assumed that I have a scratchy, whiny croak of a voice, but thanks very much all the same!

Duke De Mondo said...

I agree, man, you have a GREAT radio voice. That enthusiasm just leaks out the speakers.

Regarding this second instalment, you know i dig the first one no end, but this here is just a massive leap forward in terms of the format and the content and the delivery and just everything. The first one sounds like a pilot in comparison.

The individual segments were all great, the web-site stuff, the telly stuff. Although i am dissapointed that Kojack sucks. And the interview, even with the sound problems which you addressed, was great. really entertaining. And your interview style was great, conversational. Like the whole show, in fact.

Again, i apologise for supplying you with innacurate information. haha. shit, man, i'm sorry.

Brilliant stuff man. Looking forward to #3.

Lucas Brachish said...

I definitely enjoyed the show. However, being in a realist mode at the moment, I'll disagree with the other commentators here and say that your radio voice/delivery/patter could still use some work -- the naturalness and enthusiasm is great, but things could be a bit smoother, fluid, and precise/concise while sometimes it could also be less rushed.

Recordings like this can certainly add a tinny quality to the voice that wouldn't ordinarily be noticed in your voice, so tweaking the base or adding just a tiny dab of reverb could help with the squeaky, high tones that you can sometimes hit, if you're worried about it ...... But don't lay any of that on too strongly or you'll end up sounding like the typical disc jockey with a booming corporate reverb sound.

Still, some natural (i.e., practiced) or tech-enhanced voice modulation could produce slightly more soothing tones. Also, the show’s script could be tightened up at times -- improv is good, but there are moments where you stumble or ramble more than I’d advise.

I don't mean to be a downer with my comments above, but I think your podcast has a lot of potential -- especially considering how good your blog is -- so I'm just laying down some thoughts on how it could be improved. Anyway, I enjoyed it and I'll continue to download DB Radio. I'm sure it'll continue to get better with time, and this is a tremendous start. I'm also envious of the interviews you're getting for the podcast and the blog. Very well done. And your music choices were top notch -- I'd even go for more music.

In the end, I was impressed with how much information and entertainment you packed into a nice, quick show. So bravo!

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks Duke and Lucas for your thoughtful comments.

Duke -- No worries regarding the beer/song/Northern Ireland controversy. Tim Wheeler laughed about it, and I think around that point things started to loosen up overall. Was talking to the wife recently about how that was a difficult scenario, that particular interview: bad phone connection, accent differential, 15-minute window to make magic grow in the e-garden. All in all I think it worked out.

Lucas: You're right on with all of your comments, and I thank you for them. I'm learning to get the audio quality better for each show. I had particular and particularly strange problems recording for show #2 (I wound up finding a solution by recording via the headphones input... 'nuff said) so I hope to get that better each week.

As far as script, I went almost all improv for the first show, which I learned VERY quickly was not a super awesome idea. I wrote a lot more for #2 (which I realized... hey dumbass: you're a writer... how about actually WRITING for your f'n radio show) and wasn't sure if I wound up sounding TOO scripted.

However, the feedback I got was that I didn't. So I'm learning toward your advice and trying to structure the show even more. I do like the ability to vamp/improv, but I must say that having a solid script in front of me while recording makes the experience epically less painful.

Overall, I need to improve my voice over time, and I think it's simply going to take time. I've started concentrating on people's voices like I never have before. Especially radio: I'm amazed that someone can speak into a live mike and be entertaining and informative semi-off-the-cuff without once saying... "you know what, I have absolutely nothing to say at this particular second." I suppose that's where the filler talk comes in. Which Adam Carolla on Love Line brilliantly satirizes from time to time, come to think of it.

And I'm toying with adding more than one Featured Song. It may end up depending on how much content I have and how much quality music I can "discover" during the build-up to the show.

Thanks all again for listening and for taking the time to chat about the show.

Sid Liver said...

Killer format.
Great tune selection.
Eric, you've got a good thing going here.
Keep it up.
Sid L.
Phenomenal Fleeners.

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks very much for checking out the show, Sid. "Girl from Nova Skotia," the Featured Song, helped to really get things going -- great tune.