Friday, April 01, 2005

Ash Gets the DBrief: Dumpster Bust Radio Podcast #2 Preview

I just interviewed Tim Wheeler, lead singer, song writer, and guitarist for the Irish rock quartet Ash. Super nice guy, very cool to chat with. The phone connection wasn't the greatest, but we both made do.

The exciting news is that this will be the first Dumpster Bust interview to be available via audio link; that is, the Ash interview will be part of Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #2.

The full transcript of the interview will of course be available right here as well as at our sister station (which I like to think of sistah station)

There's lots in store for the second edition of DB Radio. Check it:

Feature Story: This week of course, our DB Up In Your Ear interview with Ash's Tim Wheeler

MUCH More Music: I'm making it a point to promote indie bands. DB Radio is now signed on with as an official radio station, meaning I now have access to thousands of up-and-coming artists. Okay, some aren't great and a nice number blow the donkey... but I plan on finding and playing the good ones.

With that said...

Featured Song: There will be a brief moment where I'll shut up and let you hear some of the great music that's normally playing in the background during the show.

I like to think that the music playing while I'm chatting away bit is slightly (perhaps pitifully) innovative, but that could just me self-inflating the old ego again.

Better Organization!: There'll be a tighter ship from now on, with me blathering on about stuff less and getting to the good parts more. And knowing how to audio edit at a rudimentarily pathetic level will help greatly with this, I can assure you.

Subscribe to DB Radio!: When I publish the new show, I'll provide instructions on how you can easily subscribe to DB Radio.

It's RSS, for those of you not hip to it. Don't worry, it's free, and it's remarkably easy to set up DB Radio (and thousands of other podcasts) so that they automatically download to your computer whenever a new show is put out.

It's like a free TiVo for Internet radio. Good stuff.

The New, The Improved... Dumpster Bust Radio...

Coming real, real soon...

Monday morning in fact.

Hopefully. I'll let you know.


Duke De Mondo said...

Sounds brilliant man. I'm really looking forward to it.

Eric Berlin said...

Thanks very much, Duke. I'm cutting together the show just now.

For all of y'all who ain't wise: check out The Duke's amazing kingdom of brilliance at: