Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Full-time Gig-in

There's been a slight interruption to normal production (damn, that would make a great intro to a ska tune, eh?) due to craziness and celebrating and such. I just accepted my first post-grad school full-time gig. The Critical Mass, as it were, came last week as I started one part-time job, interviewed for two others, and received two offers by the end of the week. This, after many months of unemployment; part-time, contract, and crappy full-time work (there's a book in those adventures, I can tell you -- particularly the travails of a dusty Oakland law firm); dull drudgery of graduate school and the madness of bureaucracy and red tape; and numb months (years, really) sitting before the computer searching for work in the bleak 3 am blue glow of the death-screen.

In any event, I plan fully on full resumption of Dumpster Busting in the shortly now, so for all of you thus prone:

Don't Despair.

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