Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Really Really Like(d) Joe Biden

Short break for politics here. Senator Joseph Biden's strangely worded and offensive (vaguely to some, likely sharply to others) backhanded compliment of Senator Barack Obama's candidacy will likely stifle any small chance that he had of obtaining the Democratic nomination to run for president in 2008.

I've been a big admirer of Biden for a long, long time. His critique of the administration's war policy and approach on what to do next has long been proactive, centrist, sober, and intelligent. He's a serious guy for a serious time, and I've always found it refreshing to hear his views.

He's also been relatively outspoken and off-the-cuff, normally fantastic qualities for a candidate. Which makes it all the more disappointing that he would make this bad a slip so early in his presidential campaign.

The Democratic field has been clearing out relatively quickly and early this cycle. Very big deal and potentially formidable candidates such as Mark Warner and John Kerry are already of the sidelines. Those who are left will need to try to find a way to line up as an alternative to Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. Bill Richardson may fit the bill as he is bright and personable, has a long resume, and is a successful governor of a western state. And Al Gore still waits in the wings.

For several years now, I thought Biden would make an ideal Secretary of State. He still might. I hope this one comment doesn't doom his future prospects to serve our country.


KavJack said...

Yes, but is it fair to attack Senator Biden's remarks about his colleague, Senator Obama ?
Even if Senator Biden made the remarks there is a high likelihood they weren't even his original comments in the first place, given Senator Biden's ability to lift unattributed quotes from other personages ?
So shouldn't we first attempt to find out who made the original comments about Senator Obama and chastise that individual and leave poor Senator Biden alone ?

Eric Berlin said...

That sounds like a backhanded defense of sorts, doesn't it (smiles)?

In any event, I've backed pretty far away from my original thoughts on Biden's statement. I watched his appearances on Meet the Press and The Daily Show and believe that he really misspoke. I never would have thought that, reading the quote out of context, that "clean" was meant in the same vein as "fresh," but I like and respect Biden enough to take his word for it.