Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Apple iPhone Hubbub Impacts the Non-Gadget Cultist Set

I'm a web cultist, as I proudly declare on the side nav, but I'm not really much of a gadgets person. If someone plops the latest whiz-gizmo in my hand, I'll usually check it out and declare genuine enthusiasm, but I'm not of that core tech-geek cares-how-the-mechanics-work demeanor that is essential to flip out over the latest hardware and mechanical design achievements.

That said, the hubbub over Apple's new iPhone cannot be ignored.

So for all of us non-gadget cultists out there, I would love to see someone write an easily digestible piece about:

* what the best mobile communications devices are (and iPhone certainly seems to be up there!)
* what that means in terms of setting up phone and mobile access plans
* what it costs
* and how to get out of current contracts to get on board with the cool kids!

Further, a "nonpartisan" web-based service that for a small fee helped you figure out exactly the best mobile phone to meet your needs and then aided you in the process of switching over would really perk up my e-ears.

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