Sunday, September 11, 2005

What is Podcasting?

Hey y'all. Production schedule has been wacky of late, I know. Lots of stuff going on "behind the screen" that will hopefully be rolled out In Good Time.

For now, please see this nifty podcasting primer, that I'll actually use as a nifty link everytime someone writes to me and asks, "So what's podcasting?"

What is podcasting?

Podcasting definitions - Wikipedia

What is a podcast? - Podcast Alley

Podcasting Trends

Interesting comments by Steve Jobs

Mr. Tapper also addresses the issue of podcasting guidelines, prompting Mr. Jobs to respond that Apple's attitude toward podcasting is "it's the Wild West" with a few guidelines against pornography and copyright infringement. Mr. Jobs also refuses to speculate about a possible video-capable iPod and deflects criticism that Apple is focusing on the iPod at the expense of the Mac by saying "our Macintosh computer sales are growing at three to four times the rate of the rest of the industry."

Podcasting Guidelines

A First Pass at Podcasting Guidelines

Kirk's Seven Rules of Effective Podcasting

Guidelines and Apple - Wall Street Journal

Podcasting & Licensing

ASCAP Internet Music License

ASCAP Posts Podcasting Licensing Agreements for Music

Podcasting, Music, & the Law

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