Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #6

Here ye, here ye:

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #6

Lots going on as always on this week's show. New Bat Time... Pretty Much the Same Bat Channel for starters with a Tuesday release date. It looks like this will make sense on a number of levels, least of all for my Sanity’s Sake.

A number of interviews are also coming down the pike – see below and listen in to get up on that Scoop. I am also trying to get the show down more to a Streamlined length. Didn’t quite make it this week, so all I can say is the Content Made Me Do It.

DB Radio #6 Presents

Find out why I’m sipping green tea out of a glass in the bowels of my apartment’s garage at one in the morn.

Up in Your Ear: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy & to be Young in the West
Find out how Swingers and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy helped to draw me to the West. Also, I talk about a recent BBVD show, which I may admit to you all now was fairly if not completely Rad.

Featured Song #1
“It’s Too Late,” by The Reds

Interview: Lance Anderson of Verge of the Fringe
Part I of an interview with the storyteller-podcaster extraordinaire, which took place outside a Peet’s Coffee in Pasadena on the most beauteous of days.

Featured Song #2
“Angry,” by drunkdude69

Track Listing for Dumpster Bust Radio #3

Dumpster Bust Radio always has podsafe music playing in the background to complement the Featured Songs, which is when you get a break from my tortured vocal yodeling to enjoy some of the best independent and emerging artists on the Planet.

Track #1 (Show Intro) “Black Star” – Apash
#2 “Achtung (…hier kommt der Schlocker)” – Schlockmaster
#3 “So was willst du?” – Schlockmaster
#4 (Featured Song) “It’s Too Late" -- The Reds
#5 (Featured Song) “Angry” -- drunkdude69
#6 (Show Outro) “Blue Bird Tattoo” – Circe Link

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